This is a fun song, and I get the impression that where we use the phrase "helicopter Mother", in the alternate universe they say "Hovercraft Mother. So, I imagine this song takes place in the alternate universe.

This was one of the easier songs to decipher. Here are the lyrics as I hear them.

I'm falling pretty fast
for you honey at last
I'm in love but there's a chip on my shoulder.

Your mama's in the way
And I gotta say
This situation couldn't get any older.

You say your mama knows what's best
No use debating.
And though I'm sure I'll pass the test.
I'm sick of waiting!

I wanna love you
but your hovercraft mother
Is hovering above you.

I know you love her
But I'm gonna run for cover
'cause your hovercraft mother
It's hovering above you

I'm sinking like a stone
For you honey I'm home
And I'll make supper just as soon as I'm able.

But your mama's at the stove
And I should have known
She done decided every dish on the table.

I'm hardly strong enough to fight
for what I'm feeling
but after all the days and all the nights
I'm sick of dealing!