This movie is top notch. Spectacular special effects, suspenseful plot, awesome and realistic monsters make this film a must-see film for any one who enjoys movies. And for you Godzilla fans out there I have this to say: if you never see any other Millennium series movie, see this one!

The special effects in this film are cutting-edge. They use CG, Suits, Miniatures, and I could not tell the difference! The movements of all the monsters were very realistic, there were no sloppy green-screen shots, and Godzilla's laser breath was... wow!

The story of Yuri Tachibana and her father, Admiral Tachibana, was engaging, suspenseful, and dramatic. True heroes in every sense of the word. They each follow their own destiny in this saga, providing a human path for the Guardian monsters to do what they must do. The Admiral takes on the role of a fourth Human Guardian against Godzilla, while Yuri provides a Human voice for the Guardians, watching and recording the events, and providing key insights to the Japanese army which truely turns the tide of events.

I recall the monster Baragon from one other old movie I had seen. This is a different Baragon. He is the first Guardian monster to appear, and is oblivious to all except his primary purpose: attack Godzilla at all costs. He is the first line of defense against Godzilla, giving the other monsters time to appear.

There's a full moon, mystical music, and twins dressed in white - symbolic homage to the twin faeries of old. All the pieces are there for Mothra to rise up in this reality. It was everything I had hoped it would be. This is a different Mothra than the one from the old movie, but every bit as enjoyable to watch.

The rise of Ghidorah was the most awaited moment in the movie for me. In this reality, Ghidorah is not Ghidorah from the old movies. In this reality, he is a dragon which first appeared 10,000 years ago to protect Japan, and is fabled to appear again. At one eventful moment of the film, Ghidorah becomes King Ghidorah, and that was truly an awesome moment. If you have not seen this film yet, I won't spoil it for you.

Godzilla is not the same Godzilla from previous films. This Godzilla is not only fearsome and awesome, but also is truly evil. His eyes are white, is movements are quick and sure, and he purposefully murders the people of Japan. This Godzilla has no fiery, atomic breath, but rather a precise, long-range, laser-canon breath that can destroy battle ships in a single shot and creates giant mushroom clouds like an atomic bomb.

If you are a fan of the old Godzilla movies, then you will love this alternate reality thrill ride. If you enjoy special effects eye-candy, then you'll eat this up and want more. If you like scary monsters that make a big statement, see this movie today.

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