I have always wanted to do this, and I'm sure you have too. And now it is easier than ever before! Thanks to NetFlix online streaming videos, we can now make a list like this possible.

I have put together a list of all TOS episodes, sorted them by star date, and added direct links to each episode on NetFlix.

Please note that there are 6 episodes for which the star date is unknown. I have decided to place those episodes in the list chronologically by air date.

The dates in my list are currently in yyyymmdd format.

I borrowed all of the information in my list from this wikipedia article. If you noticed that I have made any typos, or copied any information incorrectly please do not hesitate to send e-mail. I want this list to be as accurate as possible.

Thanks! and enjoy!
Air DateProduction NumberStar DateLink to Netflix EpisodeSeason #
pilot01unknownThe Cage1
1966092202b1312.4Where no man has gone before1
1966101341329.8Mudd's Women1
1966111031512.2The Corbomite Maneuver1
1966090861513.1The Man Trap1
1966091581533.6Charlie X1
1966100651672.1The Enemy Within1
1966092971704.2The Naked Time1
1966121591709.2Balance of Terror1
19670112182124.5The Squire of Gothos1
19680216522534Patterns of Force2
19661020102712.4What Are Little Girls Made Of?1
19661103112715.1Dagger of the Mind1
19661208132817.6The Conscience of the King1
19670105142821.5The Galileo Seven1
19670202152947.3Court Martial1
19661117163012.4The Menagerie, Part I1
19661124163012.4The Menagerie, Part II1
19661229173025.3Shore Leave1
19670323203087.6The Alternative Factor1
19670126213113.2Tomorrow Is Yesterday1
19670406283134The City on the Edge of Forever1
19670216243141.9Space Seed1
19670209223156.2The Return of the Archons1
19670223233192.1A Taste of Armageddon1
19670309263196.1The Devil in the Dark1
19670316273198.4Errand of Mercy1
19680105463211.7The Gamesters of Triskelion2
19670413293287.2Operation: Annihilate!1
19670915343372.7Amok Time2
19670302253417.3This Side of Paradise1
19670922333468.1Who Mourns for Adonais?2
19671208403478.2The Deadly Years2
19671201323497.2Friday's Child2
19670929373541.9The Changeling2
1967100639unknownMirror, Mirror2
19671222363614.9Wolf in the Fold2
19671013383715.3The Apple2
19671117443842.3Journey to Babel2
19680315434040.7Bread and Circuses2
1968032955UnknownAssignment: Earth2
19671020354202.9The Doomsday Machine2
19680202454211.4A Private Little War2
19680119484307.1The Immunity Syndrome2
19681220684372.5Elaan of Troyius3
19681025614385.3Spectre of the Gun3
1968110162unknownDay of the Dove3
19671103414513.3I, Mudd2
19671229424523.3The Trouble With Tribbles2
19680112494598A Piece of the Action2
19680223504657.5By Any Other Name2
1968030154unknownThe Omega Glory2
19680308534729.4The Ultimate Computer2
19680209514768.3Return to Tomorrow2
19681004584842.6The Paradise Syndrome3
19680927575027.3The Enterprise Incident3
19681011595029.5And the Children Shall Lead3
19681206675121.5The Empath3
19690117715423.4The Mark of Gideon3
1969012472unknownThat Which Survives3
19680920565431.4Spock's Brain3
19681101635476.3For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky3
19681018605630.7Is There In Truth No Beauty?3
19681115645693.2The Tholian Web3
19681129665710.5Wink of an Eye3
19690103695718.3Whom Gods Destroy3
19690131735725.3The Lights of Zetar3
19690110705730.2Let That Be Your Last Battlefield3
19681122655784.2Plato's Stepchildren3
19690228765818.4The Cloud Minders3
19690221755832.3The Way to Eden3
19690214745843.7Requiem for Methuselah3
19690307775906.4The Savage Curtain3
19690603795928.5Turnabout Intruder3
19690314785943.7All Our Yesterdays3

New Voyages/Phase II
I decided to add the award winning episodes from NewVoyages/Phase II to the Stardate list. These are great stories worthy of Star Trek.

Release DateStarDateProduction Co.Link to EpisodeSeason #
200611236031.2PIITo Serve All My Days4
200710236283.6PIIWorld Enough And Time4
200812206429.2PIIBlood and Fire Part 14
200911206429.2PIIBlood and Fire Part 24
201104227232.5PIIEnemy: Starfleet!4
201204059717.7PIIThe Child4
2004100810934.12PIIIn Harm's Way4

*I used the Stardate calculator at to approximate the Stardate for In Harm's Way. The only Stardate given in the episode was 3012.4. Present Day is then said to be 3 years later. Using the calculator, I determined the "present day" stardate must be 10934.12

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